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What is Cards
Againsts Colleagues?

Are you a work procrastinator? Maybe you’ve just returned from Furlough or working from home? Or maybe you’ve looked across the office at the guy in the corner, and thought ‘I wonder what goes through his head?’ In any circumstance, we’ve got you covered.

Introducing ‘Cards Against Colleagues.’ An office-related version of the card game you dare not bring into the office (unless HR has a day off!) Grab the box of cards, bring together some of your BFF colleagues, or the annoying ones, and create a level of awkwardness at work that hasn’t been seen since ‘you-know-who’ made a tit of themselves at the last staff night out.

The game is simple. Each round, one player asks a question from a ‘black card’, and everyone else answers with their best ‘white card.

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There’s only so much our guys and gals can do in the studio when it comes to thinking of cards. If you think you’re witty enough to suggest a card, you’re more than welcome. The best suggestions can even make their way on to our Wall of Shame (that also doesn’t exist yet!)

Point to note; No personal attacks or discrimination of any sort. This is a bit of fun; we’re not arseholes

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  • “Beats office small talk, I suppose!
    Grant Thompson
    A. Business. Owner
  • “Beats office small talk, I suppose!
    Grant Thompson
    A. Business. Owner
  • “It’s like stilton; Proper cheesy, but I love it.
    The Cheese Guy
    A. Guy who likes cheese.
  • “I swear we’ve seen something similar already.
    The suits.
    The Trademark Office.
  • “Meh.
  • “I can’t look at my colleagues the same way anymore.
    Lee Marples